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hockey statistics Software


Real-time hockey statistics software delivers fast scores and cool stats to players, parents, fans, scouts and media.

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Easy-to-use scoring software

Saves time and speeds up the delivery of scores & stats

Scoring applications designed to mimic and replace paper score sheets allow your scorekeepers to capture everything at the rink as soon as it happens. Less human error, no delays.


  • Save time by eliminating the manual data entry of score sheets.
  • Deliver stats online faster and with less effort.
  • Intuitive software, training sessions and 24/7 phone support makes training scorekeepers easy.

Pointstreak Sports Technologies is used by over 6 million sports organizations, leagues, teams and players to make their lives easier.

“[Pointstreak was] able to add respectability and credibility to the PIHL and put it on a new plateau as one of the finest interscholastic hockey leagues in the United States.”

Ed Sam


Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League

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