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baseball statistics Software


Real-time baseball statistics software delivers fast scores and cool stats to players, parents, fans, scouts and media.

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Automated stats, schedule & rosters

Free up time and reduce effort by automating the management of stats, schedules and rosters

Up-to-date scores, stats, schedules and rosters are automatically generated and shared online with players, parents, fans, scouts and media.


  • 2,500 professional-level stats and reports generated automatically.
  • Save hours of work by importing your league schedule from spreadsheets or 3rd party scheduling programs (e.g. Diamond Scheduler).

Pointstreak Sports Technologies is used by over 6 million sports organizations, leagues, teams and players to make their lives easier.

“The advantage to using Pointstreak helps the entire program, from the coaches being able to save time, the scorekeeping always being extremely accurate and updated. Box scores are emailed to players, coaches, and all news outlets immediately following the game.”

Ray Evans


Charles W. Flanagan High School (2010 Baseball America National Champions)

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